We aim to create a transparent view for all our supporters and sponsors to enlighten them about the work we do. There’s much to be done to represent the disabled children of Ethiopia and we hope to create this forum as a way to educate the people about the problems prevalent in our region.

We also aim to produce content that can help teachers and volunteers working with the disabled youth. It can help them become more affective at their job.  Our goal is to share the resources that not only inform but educate the general public on our efforts and what we’re striving for.

Read Their Stories

Read the stories of the parents and children we work with:


Kaayyoon Keenna

Kaayyoon dhaabbata keenyaa ijoolleen miidhama qaamaa qaban akkuma ijoollee daraboota jaraatti dandeettiiwwan jaraa baasanii haala itti fayyadamuu dandahan irratti hojjachuudhaan abjuun jaraa akka dhugoomu qarqaaruudha.


What Do We Do?

We aim to create a network among public schools, government institutions, and local organizations, helping push trainers to work with disabled youth, providing them with

Where We Work

We’re operational in the following regions, helping the locals out and putting in efforts to enrich the youth

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