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We aim to create a transparent view for all our supporters and sponsors to enlighten them about the work we do. Any step that we take, any request our organization has to make, will be updated on this page. Kenna For Kids takes pride in strengthening the young disabled children of Ethiopia and will produce content to keep everyone in the loop regarding our progress in strengthening the kids.

The conditions that disabled children in Ethiopia go through are alarming. Our initiative is to enlighten the people around the world about the issues prevalent in our society, pleading for their help and any resources that can make a change. We also welcome aboard anyone, especially teachers, parents of disabled children and other members of the community to step forward.

We’ll regularly add details for our community on the various steps we take, which can benefit not only the disabled children, but those willing to work with us for their Social Responsibility campaigns or looking to make a difference with their goods. Kenna for Kids aims to be accountable for its initiative, transparent to everyone and to make an everlasting difference for our community.

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