How You Can Help

Being disabled doesn’t mean that these young souls aren’t capable of wonders. When we give them the resources that they deserve, they can achieve so much more. They have the potential to rise among the ranks of society, but they need our help. Will you help us?



You can make a generous donation to our cause, as little as $50 will help make strides. You can sign up for a monthly or annual program to sponsor for a better future for kids across the region.


We’re taking on a huge task and any voluntary help we can get will make a big change. Help out the people of the community with your skills and dedication. Teachers, parents and other members of society are more than welcome to assist us.


Corporate Giving or Appreciation of Stock

Support our work with appreciation of stock, mutual bonds or funds that can be of tax saving purposes for you. We’re also open to working with corporations and sponsorships on larger scale.

Stand up for the Ethiopian Children

The Ethiopian youth needs your help. Your support can help them succeed and get the chances they need.

Making someone Else’s Dreams a Reality is something that’s Value is Innumerable

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Your Donation Makes a Huge Difference

A monthly gift of $35 helps provide food, shelter, and education to a deserving child. Your smallest contribution contributes to a large cause.