Helping the Differently-abled Children of Ethiopia

The disabled children of Ethiopia are commonly neglected. We believe that they are a vital resource for the nation and the world. We’re investing in the resources that can help improve their lives ensuring that no child gets left behind.


What is Kenna Kids’ Approach?

We aim to break the stigmas around disability among the youth, providing children aged 3 to 21 in Ethiopia with the resources they need and deserve to prosper. We provide them with food, clothing and healthcare to tackle the mortality rate issue among the disabled in Ethiopia.

Kenna Kids also cooperates with the parents and guardians of the disabled children to help them understand the condition and how they can assist their kids. The eventual goal is to help the disabled children become independent to the best of their ability, securing meaningful livelihood and play their part in helping society the way they were helped.

Where We Work

We’re operational in the following regions, helping the locals out and putting in efforts to enrich the youth:


Stand up for the Ethiopian Children

The Ethiopian youth needs your help. Your support can help them succeed and get the chances they need.

Helping Kids Move Forward

We aim to create a network among public schools, government institutions, and local organizations, helping push trainers to work with disabled youth, providing them with the relevant resources that they require.

Any resources that we can gather with your donation will support a child in forging a better future for them.


Disability Resource Center


Encouraging Trainers to Work with Kids


Training Parents to Assist Their Children

Making someone Else’s Dreams a Reality is something that’s Value is Innumerable

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Your Donation Makes a Huge Difference

A monthly gift of $35 helps provide food, shelter, and education to a deserving child. Your smallest contribution contributes to a large cause.